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- Overview -

This website provides resources to help utilize remote sensing data for conservation of marine environment in the NOWPAP (Northwest Pacific Action Plan) region and adjacent geographical region.

– Background –
Capacity building of the NOWPAP member states in utilizing remote sensing data is one of the mandates of Coastal Environmental Assessment Regional Activity Centre (CEARAC) , one of the regional four regional activity centres of NOWPAP. Capacity building is also one of the prioritized CEARAC activities as stated in the Terms of Reference (ToR) of CEARAC as well as in the NOWPAP Medium-term Strategies (2012-2017 and 2018-2023).
In line with this mandate, CEARAC has organized four training courses on remote sensing data analysis from 2007 to 2013 to help member states and adjacent countries use remote sensing data for conservation of marine environment. These training courses were designed for post-graduate students, young researchers and/or governmental officials with lectures and hands-on sessions.
CEARAC planned to organize the fifth training course in 2021; however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the training course was provided in the form of two webinars:
– Webinar 1: Mapping Seagrass by Optical Sensors (30 Nov.-2 Dec., 2021)
– Webinar 2: Monitoring and Assessment of Water Quality by Ocean Color Remote Sensing (14-16 Dec., 2021)

To make the best use of the materials used during the above webinars for future capacity building of the NOWPAP member states, the Focal Points of NOWPAP CEARAC agreed in 2021 on the development of a website dedicated to introducing the training materials.